Hoti Hoteis | Hotel Management is a hotel chain, whose capital is 100% Portuguese, that is dedicated to providing hotel services in the form of ownership, operation, management or franchising. This set of options gives us the possibility to respond in the best way to the interests of proprietors who own hotels but lack vocation in this business area. In this context, the Hoti Hoteis chain created a set of enterprises qualified to respond to the needs of different business models,  that strategically focus on the operation of the hotels in a network of companies called Hoti Hoteis.

The Hoti Hoteis Group started its operation in 1978, having been linked to a number of important Hotels in Portugal and the Portuguese-Speaking African Countries, like as Hotel D. Henrique **** (Porto), Grande Hotel do Porto *** (Porto), Grande Hotel da Figueira **** (Figueira da Foz), Hotel Solverde Granja ***** (Espinho), Hotel Montebelo **** (Viseu), Hotel Hotti Bissau **** (Guiné-Bissau), Hotel TRYP Oriente **** (Lisbon, Parque das Nações), Hotel TRYP Porto Expo **** (Matosinhos, Exponor), Meliá Ria Hotel & Spa **** (Aveiro), Meliá Madeira Mare Resort & Spa ***** (Funchal), the Hotel Star inn Porto *** (Porto), TRYP Porto Expo ***(Porto), TRYP Porto Centro***, Meliá Braga Hotel & Spa ***** (Braga), Hotel da Música **** (Porto) and the TRYP Lisboa Aeroporto **** (Lisbon). The Hoti Hoteis Hotel Group was the company chosen by the Expo ’98 to provide hotel services during this major event.
The latest news of the Group are, in 2015, the opening of TRYP Leiria **** (Leiria, 70 rooms) and the total refurbishment of the TRYP Oriente **** (Lisbon, 207 rooms) and, in 2016, the beginning the operation of the Hotel Costa da Caparica **** (Costa da Caparica, 352 rooms), the refurbishement of the Meliá Ria **** (Aveiro, 128 rooms) and the construction of the Star inn Lisbon *** (Lisbon, 173 rooms).
In 2017, Hoti Hoteis Group has purchased the Golden Residence Hotel **** (Funchal) and in this year Hoti Hoteis opened the Meliá Setúbal Hotel **** (Setúbal, 112 rooms), began the rebranding of the Innside Lisbon Hotel (105 rooms), Moxy Lisbon Hotel (222 rooms) and celebrated its 40th anniversary with the opening of the Meliá Maputo Sky **** (Maputo, 172 rooms). More recently, in 2023, the brand acquired the Tryp Montijo Parque Hotel (84 rooms).

The dimension and relevance of the Hoti Hoteis Group is easily demonstrated by the presented data retrieved from the “Hotel Industry Atlas” by international consultants Deloitte.
The Hoti Hoteis Group is ranked as the 5 th largest Hotel Chain in 2019.



Since 1996, when a Cooperation Agreement was celebrated, a significant part of the Hoti Hoteis’ business activity is performed in cooperation Meliá Hotels International (in 2011, the international hotel chain Sol Meliá Hotels & Resorts changed its name to Meliá Hotels International – see all press releases | institutional videos), which is why 9 of the 11 hotel units which currently hold contracts with the Hoti Hoteis chain operate under Meliá Hotels International brands (Meliá Hotels & Resorts or Tryp by Wyndham). Similarly, 5 of the 8 hotel units which Hoti Hoteis currently has in the pipeline at different stages will have the Meliá Hotels International brand.

This agreement is aimed at developing the Hoti Hoteis hotel group as a manager (and, in some cases, also part of the proprietary company), using the Meliá Hotels & Resorts, Tryp by Wyndham and Sol Hotels & Resorts brands, thereby enabling this cooperation to harness a clear competitive advantage: on one hand, the marketing strength and prestige of Meliá Hotels International, a hotel chain which is over 50 years old, the world leader in the leisure hotel market, the leader in the hotel market in Iberia, Latin America and in the Caribbean, lent this agreement the public awareness of Spain’s most well-known hotel chain; and on the other hand, its abilities in terms of management, permanent monitoring, attracting new hotel units and promoting new strategic projects are facilitated by having a national partner.

The Meliá Hotels International brand structure enables us to cover a broad range of clients and simultaneously focus on new market trends, with a capacity to respond to emerging niches. The Meliá Hotels International brands are well recognised worldwide and are the most appealing and preferred brands in the tourist and business market in Spanish-speaking countries.


The Hoti Hotéis hotel chain is in an excellent position conceiving successful new hotel products, thanks to its understanding of how the market evolves and of its new trends, as well as to the experience and know-how it has gained over 39 years of promotion, management and commercialisation within the hotel industry according to the standards of international hotel chains.

  • star-inn-logo

    Within the remit of this strategy, the Hoti Hotéis hotel chain recently launched its own brand - Hotel Star inn ( – the first Low Cost hotel brand in Portugal. The significant growth of low-cost airlines is creating a new customer profile, the New Traveller. This customer profile, which can be subdivided into business, cultural, adventure and shopping tourists, can not be characterised according to their economic capacity, but it is a market based on speed of information and on the use of on-line commercialisation platforms. For these customers, travelling has become an ordinary habit, greatly facilitated by the purchasing process and by the low cost airlines. Therefore, these customers seek equally economical and easy-to-use solutions for their accommodation, since they are not prepared to pay for luxuries they do not need.

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    The process to requalify the Bom Sucesso Market in Porto, drawn up to build a hotel integrated into this complex and the proximity of the Casa da Música have all come together to create a development space suited to a themed concept inspired by Music, resulting in Hoti Hoteis own brand - Hotel da Música ( It is a niche product, with an image carefully designed to tie in with its concept, capitalising in all its spheres of marketing on its link with the city’s main cultural institutions and events. It is, for this reason, a content-rich concept which offers customers a décor with a touch of design, inspired by musical themes, whilst opening up the doors to the entire landscape of urban cultural tourism.

  • GRM Original

    Located on the south coast of Madeira, the Hotel Golden Residence ( was acquired by Hoti Hoteis Group in 2017.